Plum Tuckered Film Festival


2015 Films

Short Documentary

Compassion Connects

Directed by Tristan Stoch – Project Website

Film-maker Tristan Stoch follows a team of Acupuncture Relief Project volunteer practitioners during their stay in Nepal. In this short film he successfully illustrates many of the complexities of providing primary medical care in a third world environment.


Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution [WINNER]

Directed by Matthew VanDyke –  Project Website

A short film about the conflict in Syria as experienced by a 32 year old rebel commander, Mowya, and a 24 year old female journalist, Nour, in Aleppo, Syria. The film clearly and concisely shows why Syrians are fighting for their freedom, told through the emotional words of two powerful characters whose lives have been torn apart by war. Winner of over 80 awards and screened in more than 200 film festivals around the world.


 Our Pale Blue Dot

Directed by Victoria Weeks –  Project Website

The 1990 Voyager 1 image of the Earth from 6 billion kilometers away was dubbed “Pale Blue Dot” by Carl Sagan, inspiring his famous commentary about the obscurity of our place within the cosmos. It is from this enlightened reflection that we drew much inspiration to create this film, as can be evidenced by the opening sequence and final quote. “Earth is where we make our stand.” Our vantage point from space shows us Earth is changing. Why do we care?

An independent film originally created Science On a Sphere, adapted to the flat screen. This film is not in competition for an award!


Shootout At Sang Run

Directed by Chris Preperato –  Project Website

“The shooting has stopped at Sang Run.”

Tucked into a small article in the American Whitewater Journal, that simple sentence announced the end of a harrowing time for boaters on the Upper Youghiogheny. How had things gotten so bad in the Youghiogheny Valley that people turned to guns to solve the problem? Why wasn’t this article the front page of the magazine? And what finally made the shooting stop? Shootout at Sang Run explores the build up and resolution to access issues on the Upper Youghiogheny at the end of the 1970’s.