Plum Tuckered Film Festival


2015 Films

Short Narrative

Dan’s House

Directed by Michelle Fetcher  – Project Website

Dan’s House features revered modern dance choreographer Dan Wagoner, at his 18th century home with three guests (Dancers: Michelle Kinny, Kit McDaniel, Andrew Chapman) and their activities on a summer day in rural Romney, West Virginia. Dan’s House offers an original score by Alex Davis and poems by George Montgomery.


Defense Mechanism

Directed by Sebastian Munoz

In a post-apocalyptic world; a husband and wife, trapped in a garage, are forced to have to make a difficult decision before time runs out on them.



Directed by David Gilbert

Michael begins to notice some irregular happenings that soon gives way to a plague of sorts. As he further descends into the abyss of mental illness, he struggles to find his way out.


The Getaway  [WINNER]

Directed by Cedric Messemanne

While on a getaway with his girlfriend, a young man sees a stray dog walking by the forest and will then give in to some dark childhood memories of his, throughout this beautiful day.


The Letter

Directed by Claiborne B. Lashley

A soldier receives a letter from home… the letter transverses from the Civil War to Iraq…



Directed by Preston Peterson – Project Website

In the midst of the greatest scientific discovery of our generation, three young scientists face an ethical dilemma when their latest experiment goes a little too ‘right.’



Directed by Rajesh Naroth – Project Website

Some decisions are tough.


Me & You

Directed by Jack Tew  – Project Website

A short love story.

“Life is musical thing and you were supposed to sing or to dance while the music was being played.”


Warning: Take Ony As Directed

Directed by James Gardiner & Justin Chiet Project Website

A short musical film on youth prescription drug abuse.