Plum Tuckered Film Festival

Hosted in Tucker County, WV celebrating stories of life, adventure & culture

About the Festival


We are excited to be an international film festival, a home for creative, independent short film from around the world. But – there’s no doubt – we sprouted in Tucker. One of our primary goals is to shine a spotlight on the films and filmmakers of our area. Whether you live in Tucker County or are connected to the life, adventure and culture of the area in some way, that’s what we’re looking for. We are also seeking to highlight films from the greater Appalachian region in order to showcase the depth of talent and creativity residing within these mountains. Our inaugural year also welcomed films from around the world. The juxtaposition of international film alongside local and regional projects is one of the strongest effects that a film festival can have on its audience. While language barriers may initially seem to accentuate our differences, good films have a connecting us to our shared humanity regardless of their country of origin.
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