Plum Tuckered Film Festival

Hosted in Tucker County, WV celebrating stories of life, adventure & culture

schedule of films - Friday & saturday (Nov 2 &3)

FILMS by Director/ Category

4:30 Doors Open, Seats first come, first served
5:30 Opening Remarks
5:40 Lights Down, FILMS BEGIN!

// This section is family-friendly //

“Home to Me” FarmFreshWV Campaign by Victoria Weeks/Sponsor Showcase (not in competition)  LINK 

“Mountain Laurel” by Joshua Messick & Company by Ryan Trenkamp/ Short Music Video /Animation / Experimental – Appalachia Filmmaker

Lilly and the Baby by The Bum Family / Short Music Video / Animation /Experimental LINK

A Few Steps Further by Erik Petersen / Short Documentary

Reverie by Cheekybats Productions / Short Music Video/Animation/Experimental -Appalachia Filmmaker [WINNER] LINK

“Cogs in Cogs” Music Video by Morgan Miller Short Music Video / Animation / Experimental – Appalachia Filmmaker

Sugar Bottom Bees by Anthony Greene / Short Documentary – Appalachia Filmmaker

Game by Jeannie Donohoe / Short Narrative [WINNER]  LINK

6:40 INTERMISSION – 15 minutes
6:55 Films Resume

// This section pairs well with a slightly more mature audience. //

Prosperity by Christopher D. Lusk / Short Documentary – Appalachia Filmmaker LINK

Family Medicine by Joe Kraemer / Short Narrative The Gift of the Magpie by Anita George / Short Narrative LINK

The Gift of the Magpie by Anita George / Short Narrative LINK

Effeminates by Joelle Gates / Short Documentary – Appalachia Filmmaker [WINNER] LINK

Outside Arcadia by Robb Rokk / Short Narrative LINK

8:00 INTERMISSION – 15 minutes
8:15 Films Resume

// This section will get the adults really talking! //

Fighting Two Wars: The Story of Thalia Jane Ainsley by Aaron Curtis Short Documentary LINK

I’ve Seen You Drunk by Bryan McGlothin / Short Music Video / Animation/ Experimental LINK

Loser by Birth by Cole Bankston / Short Documentary [WINNER]

The Art of Lifting by Ian Nolte, Michael Valentine / Short Narrative – Appalachia Filmmaker LINK

Too Many Bodies by Reena Dutt / Short Music Video/ Animation/Experimental [WINNER] LINK

Radio Moon by Pierre Gaffié/ Short Narrative

It Glows! by Chase Jarrell / Short Narrative – Appalachia Filmmaker [WINNER] LINK

Voicemails by Fred Beery / Short Narrative  

Mandatory Rest by Holly Mollohan / Short Narrative – Appalachia Filmmaker LINK

Up on Sandusky Ridge by Josh Baldwin / Short Narrative – Appalachia Filmmaker

Sac de Merde by Greg Chwerchak / Short Narrative LINK

9:50 Films Conclude
10:00 STUMPTOWN ALES – Food, drinks, mingling and awards! (Saturday Only)

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